Application Development as easy as drawing

With RADKick, developing is as easy as drawing on paper.
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Behind schedule? Out of date technology?


Modern, Responsive Applications Fast

Do you or your team still create bootstrap html forms, view models, validations, and JS controllers by
typing (hand coding all the way)?

Ask how RADKick can help you code faster!
Let's empower your team.

RADKick is like a magic pill Program Manager for a Major IT Organization

Bootstrap Ready

Create beautiful and complex forms easily.


Scaffold AngularJS Controllers, Services, Factories, Directive, etc as easy as 1-2-3.

Fast View Models

Create quickly view models without the need of AutoMapper and map them to Entity Framework classes.


Delevelop SharePoint Add-ins easy way, and build them like your enterprise applications, did I say we can deliver it fast! off-course.

You Can Be The Hero!

Get all you want in your modern applications, fast!

Now with RADKick you can have it at your fingertips.


Drag n drop Bootstrap components.


Bind to AngularJS or Knockout by clicking or create plain MVC forms.

Be The Hero

Make your team more productive, give them the tool they deserve, get more done, and get promotions!

Sample Todo App done in minutes


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